Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mum still rolls the Big ones!

Just a quick update, Mum has now been out of the Hospital for 3 weeks. She has settled in fairly well, Home care has been quite helpful, and her and Eric are comfortable in their new routine. Mum has not been spending alot of time in her bed either. She has a fabulous arm chair provided by the ALS Society of Alberta that she is able to use comfortably in the living room to sit and visit.

Mum made her first trip to check out the Pilgrim's Hospice yesterday. She liked the facility and the staff, so her and Eric may look into Mum spending a few hours there once or twice a week.

Played a couple rounds of Dice last night with them. Mum whooped us both horribly in the first game, then relented and gave us a break in the second game, hanging around waiting for one of us to pass her to win. She only lets us win because she doesn't want us to be too scared to play her again next time you know.

That is the news for the week. If Mum is up to it next weekend we'll be doing a quick visit with my son to see how both he and Mum do for a visit with Gramma. He loves to play cards with her, so that may be a good plan.

Talk to everyone next week!

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