Friday, July 24, 2009

Hot Friday & Messages for Mum.

Well, it has been a hotter week in Edmonton than we've yet seen this year, and just in time for K-Days! For the house bound and those with reduced mobility it may be a bit less enjoyable though. I am off to visit Mum after work today, and have to wonder how well she is doing in the continued heat? They get a decent breeze through the house, but when nothing is blowing it isn't going to help out much.

Mum has been doing well the last few visits. Since her last group meeting with the Case co-ordinator, the ALS nurse and a few other major players Mum and Eric have been able to adjust their strategies a bit to help keep things a bit more even. Eric has been able to get out into the yard and do some work outside, knowing that Mum is ok and able to use her call-bell if anything does arise.

Send a Message to Mum!

Mum still isn't doing alot of computer time but she does love to hear from people, even a short note that she can add to her collection. If you have a Summer vacation story, a message, a joke or even a quick Hello to pass along, please click here and send it on to me. Include any pictures you like as well, I have a very good printer & Paper to print these out on and take them over to Mum on one of my visits to help grow her Scrapbook.

Wishing everyone a great Summer!